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"David this is so good I can't stop crying 

 Thank you for building up our Lord"

Pam in IN

I have to say I don’t always know what to think about the subjects you cover and discuss, but I am listening with open ears and heart.

Donna in FL

I Love this message! I love our gatherings!

Marjorie in MD

I love you [David] and Shanita. You're a huge part of my life even if I've never met you in person. I thought again this morning about how I feel closer to y'all than my own family anymore.

Shelly in TX

Thank you David for that song. HOLY SPIRIT moved on me! Been a long time since I felt him like that!


You’re lifting my soul, by your inspired and refreshing truth teaching...

thank you David!

Tara K

 I like that David understands what we have (in Christ).

Kevin in Indiana

"David Heavener is a true servant."

Hi David- I learned of The Last Evangelist on Backstage as we were looking for auditions for my daughter.  I was most intrigued by the description of the show, so I of course did more research and watched your interview with Dr. Chaps on PIJN.  I had to lol when you shared about the church you started and spoke to the congregation about the truth of where many are going (nonbelievers) and then lost most of them!  Then to find that God called you to produce movies about the end times and why we all need Jesus!   This is huge for those who are obsessed with ‘Hollywood’, getting in front of them with The Truth in a very entertaining way!  I’m obsessed with The Chosen and it’s amazing how many are coming to Christ because of it!  I’m quite confident you’ll be doing the same reaching those lost lost souls for Jesus!  We’ll be Binging Jesus with The Last Evangelist as we have with The Chosen. 


If possible I’d welcome the opportunity to speak live.


In the meantime, I have submitted the application for my daughter Claire  for Episode 2 auditions on Backstage. Hopefully we will get to meet you in person someday!

You can guarantee I’m going to be praying for you and your crew.  ✝️🙏❤️ His love endures forever. 


WOW DAVID !!! I loved this WORD you sounded off loud an clear AMEN ! THE Character  OF GOD IS NON..NEGOTIATING TRUTH


Thank you David again... have a wonderful day because this made mine!


I learned so much from Russ on your channel and his!

Daniel in TN

Always appreciate your Work, my dear Brother David!


It's about time someone addressed this. Thank you! 

Laura in Canada

"You're one of God's great soldiers. Also it's my firm belief that you'll be one of his witnesses...”

“…to determine how well a man knows the word of God, considering how much it tugs on my soul strings… you preached a sermon in the last five days that, I started bawling, choking on tears and I had to turn the station…crying so hard I couldn’t stand it. Congratulations! You’re officially a soldier of Jesus Christ in the Army of God. Keep it up…!”


"You guys in Hollywood

please keep on loving the Lord.


I just pray the Holy fire of God touches their hearts and bridges them to the one

who truly loves them the most.
Thank you again for your

beautiful love for our Lord

and your amazing witness."


Glad you

have this channel. I'm sure the Lord loves how you love His Word!"
Sharron H

Thanks David. love your channel! Never afraid to speak about topics that others won't. You Should have FAR more viewers and subscribers!


David started singing and I lost it...Beautiful, I felt God’s presence!! So beautiful! Beautiful David! This is the first time I heard you sing. Awesome message! Right on point on all areas!


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